The new Sky Document Analysis v4.7 is the smartest system developed by InDataCore for document Analyis and data extraction from more than 156 document types, built on the deep machine learning system.

Sky document Analysis Support
SDK Mobile
SDK Scanner and Web API
Multi-countries documents type

Easy Integration in your applications mobile, web and desktop using the app's connectors (SDK Mobile, SDK Web, SDK Scanner, API)

ID Check

More than ten checks are done on ID Cards in real-time (Integrity checks, Pattern detection, Header, Footer, Quality...) to select the best images from hundreds processed by OCR Streaming.

ID Classification

Every document is automatically classified per country, per type, per quality. (National ID Card, Passport, Driving Licence, Resident ID Card, ...)

ID Fraud Detection

Advanced checks and controls are done for fraud detection (Pattern, Holograms, Copy detection, Data governance, Consistency front vs back, Document Validity ...)

ID Data Extraction

Data is automatically extracted in real-time from any document type (National ID Card, Passport, Driving Licence, Resident ID Card, ...)

User Experience

Ease of use while Document verification done in real time and guided by AI & Deep Machine Learning models. It makes the user experience unique

Sky Document Analysis, is our product fully powered by our state-of-the-art machine learning technology. It’s a great leap forward in our mission to enable data extraction from all identity documents in the world.

Document types supported

Sky Document Analysis v3.7 is a multi-connectors and multi-devices deep OCR including thousands document templates all over the world

ID Documents

Enable scanning in any app to capture data from Card ID, passports, permits, visas...


Choose field-by-field scanner to easily pay any invoice.


Enable scanning in any app to capture data from Standardized contracts ...

Credit cards

Enable scanning in any app to capture data from payment card VISA, Mastercard, CMI, ...

Payment slips

Scan pay slips to quickly pay bills.

Scan vehicle

Scan vehicle identification numbers from a car or document.

Retail receipts

Enable receipt scanning to get instant insight into consumer purchase data.

SIM cards

Barcode scanning for easy Telco user registration.

Bank Checks

Enable scanning in any app to capture all data (amount, CMC7, ...) from any Bank Check ...
Mapping of supported documents

Sky Document Analysis v3.7 supports more than 300 Documents (ID Cards, Passports, Invoices, Licenses…)

Key Benefits


Real-time Document Analysis & Data Extraction


Tokenization system, offline, on-device processing for maximum security.

User experience

Ease of use while user verification done in real time, remotely

Easy Integration

A plug & play solution with low hardware footprint


Completely customizable through the Sky Document Analysis portal


Available as Mobile SDK, Web SDK, Scanner SDK and Web API
Sky Document Analysis Accuracy
The accuracies of The new Sky Document Analysis v4.7 have been validated on the basis of 7,800,000 documents / images.
  • Full OCR Streaming
  • Check Front vs Back
  • Voice assistant
  • Multi-language
  • Pattern Detection
  • Check face presence in document
  • Document Integrity Check
  • Document Type Detection
  • Data Extraction Streaming
  • Fraud Detection Streaming
  • Check Document Validity
  • Copy Detection
99,6 %
For Mobile SDK
99 %
For Scanner SDK
98,5 %
For Web SDK
97,4 %
For Web API

Easy customization of your dynamic OnLine or OffLine Documents scanning App.

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Please note that the new Sky Document Analysis v4.7 is try version for 30 days only.

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