The new Sky Bank Check v2.8 is the smartest system developed by InDataCore for Bank check analysis and data extraction from more than 62 bank check types, built on the deep machine learning system. – Replace ID images with check images

Sky Bank Check Support
SDK Mobile
Multi-countries documents type

Easy Integration in your applications mobile, web and desktop using the app's connectors (SDK Mobile, SDK Web, SDK Scanner, API)

Bank Check Control

More than ten checks are done on Bank Cheque in real-time to select the best images from hundreds processed by OCR Streaming :
- Integrity checks : Checking the integrity of the check image (header, footer, logo, label, etc.)
- Pattern detection : Checking the check template against a reference template.

Bank Check Classification

Every Bank Check is automatically classified per country, per bank, per type, per quality.

Bank Fraud Detection

Advanced checks and controls are done for fraud detection (Pattern, Holograms, Copy detection, Data governance, Signature, Validity ...)

Bank Check Data Extraction

Data is automatically extracted in streaming from any bank check type:
- Read CMC 7 code
- Bank Check number
- Account number
- First name & last name
- Bank Check adresse
- Bank Check label
- Bank Check issue date
- Bank check issue place
- Bank check amount

User Experience

Ease of use while bank check verification done in real time and guided by AI & Deep Machine Learning models. It makes the user experience unique.

Sky Bank Check, is our product fully powered by our state-of-the-art machine learning technology. It’s a great leap forward in our mission to enable data extraction from all bank check in the world.

Sky Bank Check features
Checking the integrity of the check image.
Checking the check template against a reference template
Checking the presence of the handwritten signature
Checking the similarity of handwritten signature against a of reference signature
Checking the issue date
Data Extraction from CMC 7 area
Data Extraction from amount in digit area
Data Extraction from beneficary name area
Data Extraction from amount in words area
Data Extraction from issue place area
Data Extraction from label area
Matching the amount in words with the amount in digit
Data Extraction from account number area
Data Extraction from check number area
Data Extraction from first name & last name area
Mapping of supported bank check

Sky Bank Check v2.8 supports hundreds of bank check templates

Key Benefits


Real-time Bank Check Analysis & Data Extraction


Completely customizable through the Sky Bank Check portal
Sky Bank Check Accuracy

The accuracies of The new Sky Bank Check v2.8 have been validated on the basis of 2,400,000 images.

Accuracy Data Extraction Structured
98,5 %
For Mobile SDK
98,5 %
For Web SDK
99,5 %
For Scanner SDK
98 %
For Web API
Accuracy Data Extraction Handwritten
99 %
For Mobile SDK
97 %
For Web SDK
97 %
For Scanner SDK
96,5 %
For Web API
Accuracy Verification Signature Simularity
98 %
For Mobile SDK
97 %
For Web SDK
For Scanner SDK
96 %
For Web API

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Please note that the new Sky Bank Check v2.8 is try version for 30 days only

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Please go to GitHub and generate demo license keys . No credit card is required.

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