The Power of Artificial Intelligence:

Written by Asmaa ELHADAK

Wednesday March 23

Artificial intelligence is all around us. In the past few years, we’ve seen it being implemented in everything from Amazon Alexa to Netflix and Facebook newsfeeds. There are plenty of things about AI that people misunderstand.

AI technology is at a point where it can now be used for things like stock trading, product sales and marketing, and it can do its job better than humans. There’s a lot of talk about AI and Machine Learning right now in marketing, and it’s absolutely essential to understand what it is, how it works and what sort of outcomes we can expect from investing time, effort and planning into understanding this.

Section 1.1. The powerful side of AI in our daily life

Artificial intelligence, or AI, was coined by John McCarthy in 1955. It’s the broad definition of machines that display human-like intelligence and behavior through artificial means . In general, AI is the use of computer science programming to replicate human thoughts and action by analyzing data and surroundings, solving or anticipating problems, and learning or self-teaching to adapt to a variety of tasks. AI is everywhere; we use AI on a daily basis for everyday tasks. Whether on your phone using Siri or if you have Amazon’s Alexa, they both use AI to complete tasks and answer your questions. Facebook Feed is using AI to predict what content is the most relevant to you as a user.


How AI Is Shifting The Rules Of The Game !

The term Artificial Intelligence became popular after the invention of computers, when people started exploring ways where computers could perform some task which were impossible without human intervention at that time, such as self-driving cars, speech recognition etc.

Section 1.2. Why the artificial intelligence ? Why should you care ?

It’s amazing what artificial intelligence can do nowadays. From self-driving cars to speech recognition software, we have all seen one or the other of these technological wonders in action.

If we can develop machines that can learn, reason and think for themselves, are we simply exchanging one set of problems for another? If a machine can find it easy to kill its creator, where are the limits to its lifespan? Can we ever rely on an artificial intelligent to be all-good, or is there no way to guarantee that it will always be “moral” and objective? As one of the most commonly used buzzwords, artificial intelligence has raised some concerns about its growth in our daily lives. The quick development of AI has created many ethical questions which have yet to be answered.

Section 1.3. The artificial intelligence and Human relationships

You can use artificial intelligence to make your social interactions more authentic and empathetic, but the technology is no substitute for human connection.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to enhance human social interactions in unprecedented ways. The ability to infer, model and even anticipate people’s emotions opens up a world of opportunity. Consider how AI will help us communicate: by using speech recognition and natural language processing, it can detect our emotional state and suggest how we should respond, then contextualize our own messages in return.

As AI becomes more prevalent in our world, it’s important to remember that humans are still the experts when it comes to interpersonal relationships. In the business world, that means that there is a place for AI and human interaction to exist side by side.

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